2015 Final

2015 Final

The 2017 UK Kubb Championship - Event Details

The New Inn in Farmborough will play hosts to the 2017 UK Kubb Championship on 8th July 2017.

Entry to the tournament will be free, as it has always been. 

All players, whether seasoned professionals, or brand new, first timers, are welcome. Part of the charm of this event is that we get players of all ages and all abilities. We absolutely want to keep that going.  There will be people at hand to help you with the rules, tips and hints, or just to shout encouragement at the right moment. Please get in touch via the contact page if you have any questions about next year's event, or if you have any concerns about your eligibility.

Registration is now closed for 2017 as we have run out of space. 


New Inn, Bath Road, Farmborough, Bath, Somerset, BA2 0EG


The tournament will start at 11 am, although UK Kubb Championship helpers will be on site from about 8:30 am setting up the pistes. For novices, this is an ideal time to be taught how to play the game or to practise.

For 2017, the UK Kubb Championship will operate the Kubb Klassic format, details of which can be found here.  It's basically a series of qualifying rounds followed by a knockout stage. Everyone will play at least 4 games. The games will start (and finish) at fixed times, so the day should be easy to predict in terms of timing. 


UK Kubb Championship rules can be found here.  

The Roster

The following team have registered. You'll see that we've split the list into confirmed, unconfirmed and wait-list. We plan to hold open the unconfirmed places for another week or so, and we'll be chasing up anyone that has not responded to the confirmation request.  


  1. Neil Wilson Kubb Allstars, featuring Neil Wilson - One time organiser, now keeping new management on the straight and narrow.

  2. Ye Olde Tossers - So keen they entered twice. 

  3. DCFS - A long history of social Kubbing following picking it up on trips to Sweden, but keen to pop our tournament cherry and have a shot at being UK Champions.

  4. Identikubb - Returning Champions!

  5. Bombay Bicycle Kubb - Ian Morrison and Matthew Havers, hoping to make the trip down from Aberdeen!

  6. Kubbular Bells - Matts Team (after rename)

  7. Wubalubadubkubb - This'll be a first time entry since we all got badly hooked last summer.

  8. The Ice Koobs

  9. Raccoon Cub Kubb Club - Preston, Lancs

  10. The All Sorts

  11. The Bear Kubbs - Hamish & crew, wishing every day was Championship day!

  12. Abrakubbabra - Another one for the announcers to enjoy.

  13. Two Guys One Kubb - Awesome use of the pun. Just beautiful.  

  14. Kubb Your Enthusiasm - Kit and friends

  15.  Salford Loves KUBB - Last year made it to the semis. Hoping to go the whole way this year. 

  16. If you're happy and you know it and you really want to show it, if you're happy and you know it Kubb your hands - Very good team name, although I'm not sure the software will cope. 

  17. If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our Kubb - Christian returns for a proper go :)

  18. We're In A Pickle - Andy Loakes - These guys are previous winners, hungry for a comeback.

  19. Kubb or Ball (provisional) - Ed Hill 

  20. New Kubbs On The Block - Adam Skinner caught the Kubb bug on a U.S. trip

  21. Kubbmanji - Mark Young et al.

  22. And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like ...I Kubb You... - Nice, Ric, well done. 

  23. Neil's Rejects - Steve G and Co.

  24. The Thoms - Hailing from Somerset and hoping to better than the first round exit last year.

  25. Kubb And Have A Go If You Think You're Hard Enough - Mother / Son team from Southampton, again hoping to do better than last year. 

  26. J Kubb's Cream Crackered - Janice 1

  27. Kubbidacious - Janice 2

  28. Rub-a-dub-Kubb - Laura and a team of three

  29. Kubbing Hell, I've Missed Again! - Matt

  30. Langworthy Kubb - James' Team

  31. Browncoats - Andrew's Team

  32. To Be Confirmed - Nick O's Team

  33. Kubb On Down - Janice #3

  34. Kubban Missile Crisis - (Previously the Canadian Seal Kubbers)- Looking forward to upping the fancy dress stakes!

  35. Kubb Together - After playing and possibly introducing Kubb to rural Uganda they have returned to the UK & are thrilled to be joining us.

  36. Kubby McKubbface - Daniel and Team heading in from London

  37. S Kubb 7 - Absolute novices, Jess, Pete, Jane, Matt and associated hangers on. Delighted to have you register.

  38. Stockholm South -  Describe themselves as "playing for fun", but with a team name to put fear in the hearts of non-Scandinavians! :)

  39. The Thomas Kubbits - Matthew and Gang

  40. Citizen Kubb - Tom K

  41. Fight Kubb - Pete W

  42. Kubb Foot - Richard B

  43. Dom's Team - Dom

  44. Imaginary Andies Rebooted - Half of 2016 Runners Up