2017 Championship Date and Venue Announced!

After listening to the participants of the Championship this year, we have decided to take the event back to the New Inn in Farmborough once agin in 2017. The pub has been incredibly supportive over the years and we are delighted that we are going to be spending the day with them again in 2017.

And the all important date is.......8th July. 

Put it in your diaries, inform your relatives, book leave to get some last minute practice in the day before. Do whatever you need to do to get involved next year. 

Plans are well under way, and as we have more information, you will see it first here. Keep coming back to make sure you have all the latest news. 

We are already looking forward to seeing you all there!

Identikubb Take the Cup!

2016 UK Kubb Champions! Identikubb never missed a beat all day. They showed their skill and professionalism against five different challengers, seeing them all off with a little room to spare. First game up should have put the other teams on their guard as Identikubb picked up a perfect game, hitting all Kubbs and the King in under five minutes.

Identikubb were the losing semi finalists in last year's event, and had obviously been practicing in the intervening year. Well done guys! First team to get their names on the new trophy.

See you again next year!   

Earlier Start Time

Just a quick post to say that after talking to the registered teams, we will be bringing the start of the 2016 Championship forward a couple of hours to 12 noon on 9th July 2016.

This is for two reasons: to give us a bit more flexibility on the format, and to make sure that everyone can stay to watch/participate in the final games and still get back home at a sensible time . 

Get ready for a High Noon showdown!

Long live the King!

Finally! We started the design for our Kings from the iconic king shape that we used in our logo. Its true to say that there is no 'wrong' shape for a king, as long as it meets the rules, but we decided to use the one that was most obviously recognisable as Kubb. To me, it's a bit like the Staunton chess set: they all work, but I'm a bit of a traditionalist.

Starting with the 90mmx90mm poplar stock that we got from G&S Specialist Timber, the first step was to cut to 300mm length (plus a bit for trimming) and square them up a bit.

We had chosen a very simple collar shape, which we put on with a 25mm 90 degree router bit on a table fitted with a pretty accurate fence. Three runs with increasing depth made sure that we had no stuttering or break outs. 

That, we knew, was the easy bit. I'd always had concerns about how we could cut the traditional crown shape on the top of the king, and had concluded that cutting the shape with a band saw, pretty much by eye, would be the best bet. 

We fitted a fence to the band saw bed, set it to 45 degrees, and ran the cuts up to a pencil line by eye. The wood is not particularly cheap, and we had no spares, so we were a little nervous in case anything went wrong. It all worked out pretty well though, and barring a few edges that needed a last sand, it was done from start to finish in a couple of hours.

The only thing left was to sand them all off with an orbital sander, and put on a minimal 3mm radius round over on all the edges.  

I was delighted with the results, I have to say. Ten kings in beautiful poplar to stand along side the kubbs and batons that we finished a couple of month ago.

You will notice that the design at the top of the page includes a laser etched logo. That is next on the to-do list :)