With the expansion of the UKKubb tournament to 50 teams this year, we needed another 5 Kubb sets. Once again G&S Specialist Timber supplied some superb quality tulipwood for our new gear, and with a little home machining, we had 30 batons and 50 kubbs.

As ever, the difficult part was finishing off the Kings from the 90mm square section blanks that we made. This requires a bandsaw (at least for the way that we make them), a piece of equipment that we don't have yet.

The guys at Havant Men's Shed came to the rescue. They have a fantastic setup at their site, and were gracious enough to let me use some of their kit. Alex (pictured) in particular helped me out, showing me round their industrial scale bandsaw, and giving me the benefit of his years of experience. Alex was a thoroughly helpful chap, and we are in debt to him and the rest of the Havant Men's Shed team. Thanks guys!

Now equipped with 25 championship quality Kubb sets, we are all set for the tournament on July 7th. Bring it on!