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Update - As of this point, all available spaces in the tournament have been taken. It's not at all unusual for places to come free later, either because a registered team can no longer join us, or because circumstances allow us to expand the roster a little. Either way, It is still worth while registering for the wait list. Is a place becomes available, we will let you know, and if it is still of interest at that point, we'll help you complete the rest of the registration process.

We have now confirmed that the date for the 2018 UK Kubb Championship will be Saturday July 7th 2018 at The New Inn, Farmborough.

This year were have introduced a small registration fee of £10 per team. Feedback that we received at the last event has reassured us that this small fee will not put off too many of our teams, but you should know that any fees collected will be used to provide a better event, and will never be used for the personal gain of  the organisers. 

Fill in the simple form below to register for the 2018 tournament.

About the fees....

Once we receive your registration, we will send you an invoice through Paypal for the registration fee. Once that invoice is paid, your registration will be complete, your place at the event will be assured and your team name will be added to the list of registered teams. 

Refunds Policy

We'd love it if, once you registered, you were able to come to the event. But things happen, and if your circumstances change and you really can't make it, we'll refund your fee, minus anything that Paypal charges us for processing the charge. 

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