Where to buy

As the game increases in popularity, you see it available in many more places, although still mainly online only. Quality, and importantly actual size, of these sets will vary, and we'll try to draw your attention to the best of the sets that we find. In the meantime, we can say that Crown Darts, a friend of this event for a number of years, sells really high quality Kubb sets, that are at the higher end of the weight scale. You won't be disappointed.  

Crown Darts, Sponsor of the Hertford Open and the UK Kubb Championship since 2008

The first set that I bought is the one in the black and red bag, and came from Mark at TST Toys. It's probably the most widely seen set in the UK, and we have had loads of good use out of our set with no problems. For me, it's the one that started it all.


Making your Own

This is still very a much a work in progress, as you will be able to see from the news section. One of the biggest issues I had was in sourcing batons at the requisite 44mm diameter from a good hardwood. I did get some from G&S Specialist Timber in Penrith. I spoke to Shaun Stevenson who had the poplar dowels I asked for manufactured and delivered within the week. I couldn't have got better service.