What a Day!

We completed a wonderful festival of Kubb on a beautiful Summer's day in Farmborough. From start to finish the event was played out in a fantastic, generous and warm spirit.

You'll gather that organising these events takes a bit of effort, but when that effort is repaid tenfold by such a great group of participants, it makes all the preparation totally worthwhile.

There was a change of format this year, based on Kubb United's Klassic format. It seemed to work perfectly, and it allowed us to squeeze a lot more games into the day than we might have had in the past. The extra playing time also allowed the best teams to bubble to the top, so our Semi Finals of the main competition bracket undoubtedly had the best teams on the day.

We met a bunch of new friends from all over the country and beyond, and remade old friends from events in the past. What could be better than that?

A big gauge of how well the day went was that, from the halfway point, there was a lot of chatter about what we could do next year, and questions about when registration would open. From the organisers point of view, that's just about a perfect result.

Special mention must go to Ian and Matt from the Bombay Bicycle Kubb. Their flights from Aberdeen were cancelled so they would have been totally forgiven for a no-show. Instead, they drove through the night and arrived in the area very early on Saturday morning. A couple of hours sleep and they were ready to go, playing all day and taking the final to three games. Thank you so much for being such a big part of the day.

It was also great to meet Ausa and his family from Stockholm. we were delighted to get a team from "The Old Country", and Ausa very generously left us with some Gotland (the home of the World Kubb Championships) T shirts. Lovely people.

And clearly, congratulations must go to Ben, Phil and Steve from Show No Mersey. Brilliant effort, and worthy winners.

Thanks also to Adrian Thomson and Sam J R Woodward for helping out as officials on the day, and to Jesse from Crown Darts UK for his donation of a top quality Kubb set for the winners.

We were talking over a very late dinner that night, and we agreed that it really is a genuine privilege to be involved in these events. A huge thank you from us for your participation and enthusiasm. A complete joy from beginning to end.

See you all again next year!

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