2019 Results


Sorry it’s taken a couple of weeks to get round to this. Last weekend in Antwerp at the EKC chewed up a lot of time, although it was amazingly good fun! Anyway…..

We have finally managed to upload all of the results from this year’s tournament. You can find the details here.

Congratulations once again to Pasar Actief Belgium, UKKubb 2019 Champions, and also to Black Rebel Motorcycle Kubb (South), winners of the plate competition.

Registration has opened!


We know that summer seems a long way off in these months of short days and frosty mornings, but we are already making real preparations for UKKubb 2019.

This years event on 29th June brings a brand new, much improved venue, better food choices, and a top quality playing surface, but will all the same levels of fun and quality competition that you know and love.

We opened up pre-registration for a couple of weeks just before Christmas, and we’re very glad to say that the response has been phenomenal! Even with a slightly expanded field of fifty slots, they have all been snapped up in double-quick time. We are delighted that the attraction of the new venue has been seen so positively, and the pressure is now on the UKKubb team to deliver another fantastic day.

If you are considering registering, please don’t be put off by the fact that all spaces are currently allocated. We always have a bit of churn as people change their plans, and in recent years we have managed to get everyone on the waitlist a place at the event, one way or another. So do please register if you fancy joining us. All levels of experience are welcome, and no matter whether you are just beginning, or considering turning pro, we will make sure you enjoy the day.

The registration form can be found here.



With the expansion of the UKKubb tournament to 50 teams this year, we needed another 5 Kubb sets. Once again G&S Specialist Timber supplied some superb quality tulipwood for our new gear, and with a little home machining, we had 30 batons and 50 kubbs.

As ever, the difficult part was finishing off the Kings from the 90mm square section blanks that we made. This requires a bandsaw (at least for the way that we make them), a piece of equipment that we don't have yet.

The guys at Havant Men's Shed came to the rescue. They have a fantastic setup at their site, and were gracious enough to let me use some of their kit. Alex (pictured) in particular helped me out, showing me round their industrial scale bandsaw, and giving me the benefit of his years of experience. Alex was a thoroughly helpful chap, and we are in debt to him and the rest of the Havant Men's Shed team. Thanks guys!

Now equipped with 25 championship quality Kubb sets, we are all set for the tournament on July 7th. Bring it on!