2015 US National Championships

The US National championships have been running in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA since 2007. The started with 15 teams and 35 players and now run a tournament over two days with over a hundred teams and almost 400 players from all round the United States and with the occasional foreign team joining in the festivities. Their ethos is the same as ours: Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, ability or experience. The US National Championship is the second largest Kubb Tournament in the world, with only the World Championships in Gotland Sweden slightly ahead. 

This year the tournament was held on the weekend of 11th and 12th July, with a separate Kid's tournament on the Friday before. It's true to say that the level of play is extremely high, and the teams at the top level are VERY competitive. 

This year's results were:

Gold Medal - Furor Celtica 
(Roscoe, IL/Fitchberg, WI/Des Moines, IA)

Silver Medal - Ringers (ft. Rekubblikanerna Stockholm) 
(Eau Claire, WI/Stockholm, Sweden)

Bronze Medal - Damage Incorporated 
(Des Moines, IA/Eau Claire, WI/Waukesha, WI)

4th Place - Kubbitz 
(Eau Claire, WI)

Joint 5th Place - 
King Pin (Chaska, MN)
Kubbsicles (Eau Claire, WI)
Team Ona Orth (Minneapolis, MN/Chicago, IL)
X-Kubbed (Chaska, MN)